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Re: [TESTING] - NAND OMGB (1.2.3)

if i could get some help, it'd be great

I seem to be having problems flashing the RHODIMG.nhb from both usb and sd card. It seems to install, it hits 100% but on reboot it acts like nothing got flashed and sets in the serial/usb tri-color screen waiting for something to be flashed

edit: sorry if this is found somewhere but i couldnt find it anywhere :S closest seems to be a hspl but i thought i had that already since i can flash wm roms.

edit: bit more info on flashing the nbh file, it says it is corrupt and couldn't update

edit: Got it, just pointing out incase you hadn't noticed, but the nbh file on the download link is 185kb, the one that worked for me i found later on in thread was a little over 3mb, not sure if something changed for it to be so small now but it works and I'm happy

edit: i know you said its better to use verizon radio, i'd like to stick with sprints for time being, but because of slow speeds is there a way for me to provision/update prl/profile on android side?

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