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Re: Oh, man... I could really use some help. HTC Sense Issues!

It's just Sense that keeps restarting. I have no idea how to back things up. I tried to once, and it wouldn't work, I think it's Titanium Backup or something that I have. Anyway, I'm afraid to use it either way, because what if it backs up whatever is messing with my phone?

Anyway, I'm not worried about backups. I do still have the ROM file on my laptop. However, I don't know how to flash/re-flash. I did it once, and with help from my friend. To be honest, I'd love a ROM running ICS, Sense, and that has a free wi-fi tether app. Is there a good one you could recommend? I May not be able to flash, but maybe I coul;d have someone else do it.
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