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Locked out of phone! DID NOT forget password

Hey all,

Yes this is my first post on this site. Heard nothing but good things about this community. Anyway, I have a TP2 and recently set a lock on it because my phone would always "pocket call" ppl. My password was set to "0776" and it was working fine. One day while my battery was low, I tried getting into my phone because I had received a text msg. when I typed in my code, I got the prompt saying "Incorrect password".


Did my phone just forget the password I set and was using for the past 2 days?

Sometimes now when I try typing in my password, nothing happens when I tap the UNLOCK button. I dont even get the prompt msg. This is really frustrating. I cant even access my phone at all, only can receive calls. Has anyone else experienced this w/ this phone?
I can't believe my phone forgot my password......

I know the only thing I can do is the hard reset, but in turn im going to lose all my contacts and notes that are valuable. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
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