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Re: Current devices will not be upgradable to WP8.

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
Yeah MS really dropped the ball on this.

The Lumia was $200 with a contract on release, so even if they credited anyone $100 (which I never heard about...) then they still burned $100 AND a 2 year upgrade! (which costs a lot more) because people didn't believe their device would be worthless in a few months. Not only that but the Focus S and Titan 2 were also $200 with an upgrade, same thing.

If those people had been told what MS had planned, they could have bought an iPhone 4S or waited for the 5 or a Galaxy Note, or waited for the SGS3 or something, but not burned money and an upgrade on a device with utterly outdated software in 6 months time...

That 7.8 crap is just a gimmick, nothing more. Some GUI changes, nothing core, nothing major, nothing good. MS tries to sell us on them being a mobile competitor but then does this? What's the point of buying a WP8 device? So we can beta test their OS again for a couple years before they screw us again?

Yeah I'll be getting my SGS3 and not even looking at WP8, or maybe I'll pick one up for $50 2 weeks after it's released since the 3rd party prices on WP7 phones tank faster than anything I've ever seen.
You are overreacting a little I think. The 900 was never $199 with a contract it was $99 with some places even selling it for $49 so it's basically a free phone. No one knows all what 7.8 will entail, MS will detail it and WP8 more in future events. This was only a developer event,not consumer.
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