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Re: i9001 problem

Thank you for the answers. With "clean version" I wanted to say something like Windows XP, they can be untouched or with plenty of useless stuff like registry cleaners and etc.

About battery, I did the same thing with my Galaxy Mini, upgraded the version of Android and the battery lasted longer. I thinked it will do the same for S+.

So, what I am looking for ... I'm searching a clean Android 2.3.6 / ICS without booting image or programs or etc ... just the things that came with the Android ... but I don't know where to search this (exactly) ... for what should I look when I'm searching this.

Right now ... well, I'm sory I did what I did, right now, the phone moves even slower, the battery is the same (I'll buy a new one ASAP). So, I'll fix the battery issue but the problem remains with the soft. What can I do about the soft ? I'm fine with my 2.3.3 ... just to be clean (no more styles like Holo Launcher, GO Launcher etc).
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