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Re: Tethering on the Arrive?

Originally Posted by secret_high View Post
Yea, that is what I understood, perhaps my question was a bit vague. What I was wanting to know is; Is the tethering issue considered solved by the community? Has anyone else been able to reproduce the results? Is the procedure / required firmware available?

I do embedded, is the mod really involved?
I don't suppose its like;
//#define MODEM_DISABLE in sprint_has_stick.h
INETSHARE = true; in sprint_smells.c
Wouldn't even know where to begin with getting the IDE and libraries setup. It would be sweet if it was a plugin to VS.
To get the option you must down grade your boot loader then push a custom rom to your phone. Once the custom rom is on you phone you will be unlocked and the tethering feature will be on you phone( Only custom roms out for Arrive are DFT ROM and Ansar rom right now both work great.
There is no code or reg key to change once the rom has been loaded. The instructions are all Posted on XDA
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