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Media sms fix for stock roms flashed on boost and issue with cm9 and other ICS roms

The issue I'm having is on the stock rom I got my messaging working correctly able to send pics an all. Now with CM9 and other Cm9 base roms I cant get picture sms working properly. I tryed sms pro and and adding the APN's manualy but the problem I'm having is I can receive picture message but cant send. Then when I change it to I can send media sms but not recieve. What I discovered to that in the data programming menu you need to go to others/mms and enter and then go to others/mutimedia and enter My question is there a way to manually edit a file to edit both of these options because I can't change these setting because I cant enter my MSL because it says error with modem. Thank you this fix is good for anybody that has an android phone flashed to boost because the guides doesn't tell you to edit the mutimedia url.

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