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Re: [Q] Looking for Verizon World Phones Like.......

Originally Posted by gTen View Post
The LG Fathom is the best there is on verizon, its spec wise on par with an HD2.

As for the Imagio its pretty much same specs as the TP2.

the only other phone for verizon with winmo is samsung omnia 2 which has a slightly faster 800mhz processor.

But the problem is all these phones have old arm11 processors, the fathom is the only one for verizon with a cortex a8 processor.

So your kinda out of luck if you wish to keep windows mobile and have same performance while limited to verizon :/
Yup I just HATE the size of the Fathom can't text for crap with the onscreen keyboard in portrait mode (Which I tend to have to do a lot of half the time due to my job) that and XDAndroid is a dead and defunct project too due to the lack of users.

So I might just check out the Samsung Omnia 2 and see what it has to offer then, always liked Samsung products over LG when it comes to phones for me it's HTC > Samsung > Nokia > Whatever else

Is the model number i920??? When I ebayed Samsung Omnia 2 a bunch came up, even the 2 OmniaPro,s. LoL

Also on PDAdb for the i920 I see nothing about a second cellular network a.k.a. GSM

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