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[Q] Looking for Verizon World Phones Like.......

The HTC HD2 and HTC Imagio, preferably as fast as the HD2 and has Windows Mobile and available option to run Android and has at least a 3.6" to 5" screen and GSM SIM Card. Extra plus would be VGA front cam.

How well does the HTC Imagio rank and scale up? Is it better/faster than the HTC Tp2 or the same?

Anybody know of any? Doesn't matter if they're slider candybar qwerty's or not.

I'm on T-mobile's 30 dollar 250 Talk time mins, Unlimited Text & Data Plan and have Reachout Wireless as well which is a Verizon MVNO and I get 250 free mins from them... So I'd like to keep doing what I'm doing with my LG Fathom but with a bigger easier to use screen.
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