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Re: Is It True???? About The Hardware...

Originally Posted by steveo70 View Post
I don't think they are trouble mechanically. I have had the Mogul, TP, TP2, and Arrive and have never had one kb problem. Maybe most general consumers "manhandle" and just don't respect and abuse their devices. I do not use mine like it's a "glass house" however, I used it hard and regular and never had problems. I personally think my Arrive has the best kb I have ever used. The extra extension with the tilt exposes the full keyboard and works very well. Being older at 41 and having many kb phones, I was a lil stubborn at first but have slowly merged to a kbless world since it is obvious that the way it is going, I've really found it very natural.
Maybe the rep just doesn't like the extra moving parts of a kb phone to fix? and passes on the influence? just an afterthought.
I've had about 5 TP's now, and every single one of them had a KB issue, requiring it to be replaced... I just had a KB replaced again.. was shocked a local sprint store still had parts for the Touch Pro lol, but am grateful. I just refuse to pay double for the same data plan I have now, with these newer devices, and NO 4G in the area. Call me stubborn. This is one of the few smartphone devices they DO NOT require you to change your plan with.
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