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Re: NEW April'12 made ROM with no problem of magic code error.

Originally Posted by n1nj4Lo View Post
Yup I did that and added the newest CHT 2.0.0 it hides the home tabs then when ya press the up arrow on the homescreen the tabs appear.

Damn at the not being able to add a wallpaper, wonder if theres a registry fix where we can hack it and force a wallpaper. I've just been using an all black theme and black wallpaper so everything matches.

Sense lock screen works good.

Bugs I noticed is Audio Manager appears to really small, wrong device resolution I guess. Also after installing B4G cab I had to hard reset then only GSM worked and I had to go and restore my NV to get CDMA working again.

I'm gunna be hunting and pecking for a wallpaper fix and a audio booster.
Dear Sir,
Audio booster not working, No wall paper working, I had tried maximum to interface with sence. If you hard rest with setting/system/memory/factory default, then you have to do NV backup to work cdma. If you do hard reset with key board then you do not need NV backup.
No need to install CHT editor for any other improvement.

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