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Re: Album Re-organization

I don't know if this was considered resolved because the last two people that posted didn't seem to have the problem.

I have looked in the Samsung "Music" app as well as the Google Music app (now called "Play Music"), and the tracks are listed in alphabetical order (under the Albums) even though they are named (and most have metadata) with the actual track sequence numbers.

The only way to play the album in order is to create a playlist, which pretty much negates the convenience of having my library sorted into Albums, since I'd have to go to the Playlists to get the desired behavior.

My (strong) preference would be to have everything work in the Samsung Music app, which unfortunately does not see the m3u playlists that Google Play Music sees. I do, however, prefer the navigation/interface of the Samsung Music app, and having the play/pause and seek/skip buttons accessible from the lock screen is a HUGE advantage.

Any help guys?

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