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Re: [SMS INCREASE] REMOVE the 160+ SMS Limit on WP7 for HTC Arrive GOLD_C

Originally Posted by mapaz04 View Post
Aww man, don't let my comment stop you... Remember that my phone right now is a guineapig being regedited like crazy... Most of my glitches are self inflicted... jejeje... Trying to find a way to "overclock" without actually overclocking... jejeje

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OK man, I'll do it then. Yeah, I only plan on regediting the 160 SMS, I don't do the MMS yet because I haven't got the APN figured out on this phone yet. I rarely send them so it doesn't bother me. I know in this version of DFT under the Settings-->Cellular--> it has an add apn button but I've never bothered to look it up because I've been busy.

Originally Posted by haramzee View Post
Drush, mapaz is right, he's hacked his registry like crazy and its destroyed the tango fix for the music. I have the 8773 Tango from ansar and it doesn't pause the music anymore if I open or close the keyboard. I was thrilled when I found it fixed.

I just don't like how they switched the search key with the call history list. I search more than I call.
Originally Posted by mapaz04 View Post
jejeje... sometimes you gotta give yourself the glitches... to find the fixes... jejeje

Ohhh... and you can change the search key... here is the app thread:
[8.4.2012][NT 8773 18L 8107 22L 3La/3Lb]HD7_ML_51240105_R_5710902a_22515021U by ansar - Page 10 - xda-developers
change from .zip to .xap and install. Go to the Settings and its at the bottom... jejeje
I'll keep this info on hand. Searching isn't something I do a lot I guess so it probably wont bother me.
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