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NEW April'12 made ROM with no problem of magic code error.

1. with manila 2.5 + CHT 2.0 Final, Analog clock replaced by a very good one loking
2. with coloured small icon in manila tab
3. call record option in dialer pad
4. sms unthreaded/tmail.exe with working delivery report notification
5. Internet explorer with google search by default.
6. Original scientific Calculator LGE V7.
7. manila working items. massage,mail, calendar,wheather,music, photo and some parts of setting tab.
8. No any trace of verizon scrap file,application, text etc.
9. It is tested and presently working on my lg fathom.
10. Ram availabel 60 mb after install of this rom.
11. There is an option not to select Sence in setting today menu. then ram will be about more than 80mb.
12. Removed popup -activation not available
13. About 200mb after unzip.

I am using this rom working cdma india and gsm both.
Any person using its in india can activate its cdma section by Registering MEID with Reliance india by a third party. for this you will find a good guide by a member[ headhair]'s post in the site, lg fathom thread.

This will be my last post and will like to close this chapter here. Because no any progress seems by other members.

Download link: Download vs750.7z from - send big files the easy way

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