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Re: [TESTING] - NAND OMGB (1.2.3)

Originally Posted by mayestik1 View Post
Yes.. I don't hear anyone when I'm calling. I can preview ringtones, I hear alarms... I don't call too often so I didn't notice this problem earlier. I remember that I had sound in caling in OMGB (long time ago).
I tried with uploading my audioparas to /system/etc/ but it didn't help.
Is there any way to check if my earspeaker is kaput?

Attaching logs while making a call.

EDIT: I have sound if I change to loudspeaker in call ..
Not sure if its the same thing but sometimes when I call I never hear any ringing but the call goes through and the other person can hear me but I dont hear them. This is usually fixed with a reboot. (Happens very infrequently)
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