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Re: Can you tether with the Trophy

Originally Posted by DavidinCT View Post
I replied to your other thread. Not sure where you read the Verizon Trophy can tether, it's not possable.

The GSM (overseas) version of the Trophy (GSM only, will not work on verizon) does offer thethering after the update on some carriers.

I have the Verizon Trophy and I can tell you 100% it is not possable to tether wirelessly on the trophy. There was one way you could do it via USB but, it was a 10 step process and I do not believe it was compatable with our phone.
I tried the 10 step process when I had NoDo and it did not work. I hope that we can get tethering, but I'm not holding my breath. I bring my LG Fathom with me if I need to tether.
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