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Re: Where are all the Window 7.5 phone users

Originally Posted by dtrush View Post
Don't crucify @eric12341 for telling it like it is. Take up your arguments with this guy:

CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz to reveal 'major mobile exploit' at RSA -

A significant vulnerability affecting all versions of the Webkit mobile browser could give malware complete control of your phone. The malware could listen in on your conversations, view through your camera and record everything in your email and messages. It can also track your locations at the time. George Kurtz, CEO of the new security company CrowdStrike, said that he'll demonstrate how the vulnerability works at a presentation at RSA tomorrow.
According to Kurtz, the new vulnerability affects all Android, iOS and newer BlackBerry devices. It does not affect devices running Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Kurtz said this means virtually every smartphone and tablet in use globally shares this vulnerability. Worse, security software currently available for mobile devices won't detect such malware and won't protect against it."
Umm not to burst ones bubble but seriously how long do u think its gonna last till someone finds an exploit to do send maleware to wp7 devices so unless ur Jesus I dont see anyone being crucified
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