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ADB works but Fastboot doesn't

Hey guys,
Wrong forum - I was researching here and created a new topic without thinking. Can an admin move it please.

So I am trying to get OMGB flashed to nand on an old RHOD500 I have lying around (it is actually for sale but is not really sellable with Winmo ).

In any case, I've tied myself into a knot trying to get fastboot working. I have the android sdk installed. I booted FRX07 from SD card and installed PdaNet, it recognised the phone, set up drivers and ADB recognizes the device (as device 00000000000). OK, so far so good.

I flash the RHODIMG.NBH - LK bootloader and reboot into the miniPoopLoader (Build Feb 21 2012), it reverts to fastboot mode. At this point though the phone is never recognized by Windows 7 when I plug in USB and I get an "Unknown Device" under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. No amount of forcing a driver works (either the PdaNet drivers, android SDK's google USB drivers, HTC sync drivers - nothing).

Any ideas WTF I'm doing wrong here?

Edit: Tried on a different computer early this morning (Win 7x64) and driver installed successfully on first boot into bootloader; now running OMGB.
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