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? about setting up software for development

Hey guys, I hope someone can answer this. I don't have enough posts to start a thread on xda.

I'm trying to get my computer set up to start building apps.

I've downloaded and installed java.

I've downloaded and installed Eclipse.

I also downloaded android-sdk_r16-windows and installer_r16-windows (i wasn't sure if I needed them both or not).

Now, I unzip the sdk to c:\android-sdk-windows. I then go to Eclipse to "Install New Software" Type in the address "" in order to download Android DDMS and Android Dev. tools. I hit next and get the error "Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: Android Development Tools 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534 "

I'm on a toshiba laptop with windows 7, 2.5ghz proc with 4 gb ram, 64 bit (so you know)

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for all the help.

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