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Re: Getting a new TP2 - what bad things to look for in a referb

Originally Posted by elesbb View Post
the USB can stop transmitting data while being able to charge , it happend to me . the USB port on the device is shot . I bet when he plugs his device into his computer he gets a "This device can perform faster" error just as i did .

As far as refurbs go this is what i went over when i got mine before sending my old one back:

Main hardware keys (Call, endcall, windows key and back key, volume keys power keys) Check for FULL functionality and ensure the "Click" feel is felt . it should have some resistance when pressing the button .

If all was good there , i checkes hardware keyboard , simply opened a text and pressed each individual key

Then i checked USB port , i plugged it into my comp with the volume all the way up and plugged the USB cable into my device then jiggled the plug at the phones end and listened for the "boodump" sound from my comp when a USB device was removed . If i heard that i immediatly complained for another .

Hope that helps !
Thanks for the ideas.
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