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Re: Getting a new TP2 - what bad things to look for in a referb

Originally Posted by eyeb View Post
what do you mean it stopped sending data? it should work if it can charge :S
you sure it isn't your computers fault, like an active sync issue?

my phone seems to break active sync once in a while but works if i hard reset phone, not sure what happens but I toggle things on/off in registry so I'm not worried phone is broken, i think i just break it myself on accident Anyways if I need to access phone I connect to it via wifi anyways

my phone is refurb too, and i have no problems with it, not even sure why it was refurbed. everything on it works, well the keyboard is a bit of a problem on some letters, gets hard to press but since it's a real keyboard I can feel when it goes down so if it doesn't go down I press a bit harder
Yes I mean it stopped transmitting data over usb, and would still charge. It would not show up in the device manager, or active sync. I tried two computers, and three cables. The sprint techs could not get it to transmit any data either. So I guess that would be at least three computers and four cables.

Either way I have a new one coming now. So that point is moot.

I was just checking to see if there were any major known issues with the referbs besides the screen oil mark, usb, and now keyboard.
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