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Re: [MOD KEYBOARD] Sense 3.0 - Keyboard Port with Arrows-Trace-AutoCorrection

You're right, there is a free version. I just hate Trial software because it usually means it'll expire (probably after I really started liking it) or you're missing features or they'll throw in an update in a few months that renders the software useless unless you pay up. As a consumer, the use of "Trial" makes me feel like I'm borrowing something. I think "Lite" is more gooder!

Anyhow, I've been playing around with SwiftKey X Trial and I think I got it to a flavor I can deal with.

This was perfect for me. I got used to this quickly and liked it a lot.

Then when I upgraded to HTC EVO 3D, I was stuck with this.

And now I think this setup should suffice until I figure out how to force the first pictured keyboard through. However, I'm focusing on finding a good 3500+ mAh battery.

Thanks for the help!
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