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Re: Contact synchronizing

Originally Posted by jj14x View Post
Hi dtrush - no, my gmail account is not a live ID
The problem is that at least initially, I do need my gmail account contact list to be up to date as well (at least till I figure out whether to continue with WP7 or Android) - so, trying to figure out a way to keep all contacts up to date.
I'll have to mess around with it to see what I can figure out. I honestly don't believe there is a way to get your Outlook contacts to sync with Gmail directly from all of the reading I've done flawlessly. Every "solution" seems to have people claiming there are translation problems, duplicates etc. which I'm sure no one wants to deal with. I can assure you though, syncronization between your WP7 and Google works well after you enable the sub-calendars

Remember that any contacts you have in Google and Windows Live will combine on your WP7. Not datawise, just visually on the handset. When you go to enter some info it will ask you which account to edit. Yes, still messy for what you're trying to do but It might get you by if you just update the Google one and export to Outlook like you've been doing until you decide just to convert it all to Windows Live. Can't edit the Outlook contact because it's too difficult to sync it back which goes back to your original question.

One other thing...If you had pictures associated with your Google contacts I don't believe there's a way to transfer those to your Windows Live account. You'd have to re-add them manually. I transferred an Exchange account to gmail and then back again to Windows Live. Not too bad but I had forgotten about that detail. Obviously a .csv file wouldn't have the picture lol.
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