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Re: [TESTING] New Acoustic GB 2.3.7 Build

but I'm on sprint's tp2 lol...

Anyways reporting that copying frx07.1's data.img over and using it with this one works flawlessly. Audio on phone call works well too. Still not as loud as in WM but a lot louder than on frx07.

I'll stick with this build from now on, so far for the past 10 minutes, haven't found a problem yet. Any news on how GB differs from Froyo? I don't keep up with changes lol

edit: saw on lock screen, at top it says T-CDMA 64 instead of the old XAndroid

edit: found out the market/youtube apps aren't showing up, but it's likely because I copied the data.img over. I'm remaking it and i'll try again

edit: while im remaking data.img and testing this more, any word on if this would work on froyo? I mean the audio patch and csv thing. Like if i replaced gb files with froyo files

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