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Re: Can you tether with the Trophy

I think it's a matter of time before they'll have to allow tethering to be "free" and included on your data plan for the phone itself, I also bet they'll go back to the unlimited eventually...that could be years but it's a stupid business model. If Verizon keeps being a nickel and dime company I'm going to switch to Sprint. They have uTorrent apps for smart phones...and they block tethering? Give me a break, they only get away with it because the older demo doesn't know better.

Anyhow tethering still works on some older phones for Verizon...for now I just keep switching back and forth, a bit annoying since I absolutely love WP7, but with the Trophy hooked up to my computer via USB I don't miss anything [except texts which go to the old phone] (it uses USB for internet when you hook it up.) Really surprised there is no working model now that WPChevron is officially Microsoft licensed. I bought a jailbreak key myself.

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