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Re: Fathom Roll Call

Originally Posted by n1nj4Lo View Post
Got the charger today from San Fran Cali and still nothing when plugged in. No lit led's or anything... So I might sell it to someone for spare body parts, when I get a chance to take good pics of it and upload them...

I'm ordering the factory refirbed phone tomorrow with a 1 year warranty.
OK, did you try to plug the charge cable into the unit without the battery in it?
Just to see if the battery might be causing the phone to not respond.

What state would you be shipping from?
I could come up with the $25 you spent on it plus pay for shipping.
I live in N/W Montana, things take forever to get here.
If you want to do this let me know.

I could sweeten the deal with an LED dome light for whatever you drive.

I currently make retro bulbs for the C920 Wedge based "Map Light" as well as the 570 and 578 (looks like an over sizes glass capsule fuse with either a wire hoop on each end or a metal cap).

The Festoon (Pointed metal caps) is a little tougher, I would have to fix wire to a blown bulb and hyper extend the array of power chips with double stick tape.

I also do colors.
12 Volt, 4.5 Volt, or 3 Volt.

PM me if you want to.

Is that Marietta, Oklahoma?
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Thanks joojoobee666..

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