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Re: replacing the cracked screen on htc arrive ?

Originally Posted by steveo70 View Post
It isn't listed on Cornings site. I've had mine since day 1 unprotected and still looks brand new. I remember reading elsewhere an email response from HTC stating they are using their equivalent of Gorilla glass but did not reveal the manufacturer. As far as waiting on new Sprint phones...after a detailed conversation regarding my reason for leaving Sprint after 12 yrs to get my etf for Sprint to buy the Titan .01 deal, I talked to to the rep regarding possibly staying if they would have any new WP7 phones in the near future. I got the expected She did let me know they are releasing another Android phone soon. Can't wait for the backorder to lift.
I'm really considering doing that Next year at income tax return. Nice to see someone thinking the same thing. I have a Feeling AT&T is going to get Nokia's new devices and if it's the rumored Lumia 900 I'm really leaving Sprint (after 10 years myself). That .01 deal was was crazy! Did you get to keep your number?

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