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Re: Is It True???? About The Hardware...

Yea, some girl who used to live next door to me was constantly taking Android "slider" phones back and forth to and from the Sprint store (Because of phone problems) and then one day she came back with just a normal candybar Android phone and said the rep at the store told her physical keyboards were nothing but trouble from the get go...

Which got me to wondering and pondering about how true what the rep had told her was.

I've always loved the actual physical keyboard, no matter or not if there was a great on screen keyboard or not it just felt right to me.

On down the line I've had the HTC PPC6800, Samsung i760 (Which still to this day I love the heck out of it, cause of the frontal numeric keypad) and now the HTC Touch Pro2 and soon to be currently using LG Fathom...

It's always been physical keyboards the whole way through.

Even though I still do question whether or not all that extra hardware has a drawback on the operational side of the os compared to just a standard candybar... I know there would be a few kb's (If that, at all) upon opening and closing and loading into and out of portrait and landscape mode though
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