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Sprint Evo to Iphone 4S questions

Im thinking about moving from the EVO 4G to the iPhone 4S on sprint. couple of questions that I hope someone can answer:

couple of questions:

1. how is the keyboard on the iPhone? since there is no SWYPE type of keyboard, how well can you type on it and have it come out correct? I hear IOS5 has some kind of SPLIT keyboard but I have no idea as I have not seen ios5 yet. a few people I work with have iphones but none have IOS5 on them.

2. coming from the EVO with a larger screen, how clear is the Iphone smaller screen? I currently use my EVO in a holder with a GPS program called COPILOT and I dont want to go go a smaller screen and not be able to see or read the details on COPILOT for iphone.

3. Is there something similar to SPRINT TV and SPRINT FOOTBALL LIVE for the iphone?

4. how are you dealing with no JAILBREAK? or do you not care about JAILBREAK? I like the ability on the EVO to have WIDGETS for comon things I do (turn on/off BLUETOOTH, WIFI, ETC). only with JB can you add this feature. Also, on my EVO, I use WIDGET LICKER to put the weather, calendar (agenda list), mised calls, new mail count, new text message count, is there somethgin like this for iphone? I know you can do it with JB but without, can you?

5. What about a popup when a text message comes in? on my EVO I have a nice program that replaces the stock text message app and when one comes in, I get a popup for the text message to READ it and then I can reply right there. I used to have to listen for the tone or see the blinking led, then go into the stock messaging app to read and reply. can this be done on the ihpne?

Thanks ...
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