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Re: so ive been considering getting a wp7 device!

I'm sorry but WebOS does really suck. I have the HTC Trophy and I have no battery issues. It runs all day on normal use (Push Mail as arrive x2, Bluetooth, Battery saving mode when 10% left, Auto Brightness). On overhaul I have the battery extender but I use it three times a month... Yes a month. The phone is really fast and the only times i removed my battery was when i was swapping for a bigger one or I was showing off how fast can it turn on before other Android OS. The only thing that I can complain is the camera built in. It does great when it comes to bright light photos but when its fairly dark I get smeared or ugly photos. I can deal with the Trophy and I'm happy that i bought it.

Besides you are not gonna find a phone that has a really great battery life. If you do please tell me what it is cause I won't believe you.
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