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Re: the problem thread.

Originally Posted by Mylt1 View Post
OK, guys and galls, here it is. a thread for any and all the problems you have had with the droid. software issues, UI issues, hardware issues, this is the place to post them. i want to gather any and all info in one post so people like me that are on the fence about the droid know what to expect. having gone through several moto phones in my lifetime i know they used to have major issues and i think anyone like me would like to know if the quality control issues have been ironed out. so, post up those problems.
I having problems with my incredible 2. today when i was trying to set my alarm for in the morning so I know to wake up to take my medicine. and well my clock widget on my home screen would not let me go set my alarm all it will let me do is look at the weather...please help..
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