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Re: Windows Phone 7 Frustrations

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
yea u can try that and make sure that they know that IMAP is less secure than ActiveSync
Unfortunately I found out my employer would not permit an off-site Exchange connection using Outlook via RPC. I am not an exchange administrator, but I thought that seemed bizare as they kept suggesting I launch a VPN to the network instead of using the RPC method.

I feel like I've exhausted my options; The only option that halfway worked was to sync my office computer and home computer to Google via a third party utility (gSyncit), and syncing my Windows Phone 7 device to Google. While that worked, it would not sync in real time (only when I activated it or set it to run).

So My last option was to try to simulate an Exchange ActiveSync connection on my home computer with DAVMail and then sync my local contacts and calender against the DAVMail connection using a different sync tool (CodeTwo Folder Sync). I was not able to get DAVMail working with Outlook, so at that point it just seemed like I was running in circles banging my head when I already had a working solution (Windows Mobile 6.5).

The fact that the only halfway working solution I could figure out required me to sync all of my Microsoft clients (Outlook and Phone) to their competitor Google, makes me wonder how well they have thought out their Windows Phone 7 strategy .

Thus I think I've made my decision to switch back to my Touch Pro2. The device can seamlessly sync all of my contacts between my cooperate exchange server and via USB to my home version of Outlook; not to mention the wi-fi tethering, local file storage, and proper support for landscape more.