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Re: Interupted during update, Now phone dead. Help!

Update on Bricked and discharged Droid X:

After spending many hours trying to find a way to get my bricked phone to charge the battery, I finally gave up. I have a five volt, one ampere power supply for a USB hub. The Hub is an out dated 1.1 version so I had no problem throwing it away and keeping the five volt power supply. I cut off the barrel tip off the power supply and crimped on two mini alligator clips. I marked the positive and negative polarities after testing the polarity with a multimeter.

I took the dead battery out of my bricked Droid X and clipped the positive lead to the, "+," on the battery and the negative to the, "=." I then used the multimeter to read the voltage, on the alligator clips. It read, 1.7 volts. I let the battery continue to charge until the voltage read 5.09. I left it at that voltage for about an hour.

Thinking that the battery probably took a bad hit and the trick did not work, I plugged the battery back in my phone. The phone turned on and went straight to bootloader mode. Lo and behold, the low battery error was gone. Using the wonderful knowledge, of this forum, I use a the standard bootloader method to load the Android operating system version 2.3.3. Sadly I do not know how to root this version so I think I will reflash to 2.1 or 2.2.

My phone is functional again! I did have to reactivate it using the Verizon over the air activation, but I am good to go. I wanted to share this advice, on how to make the makeshift charger for the motorola battery. It saved me the ugly asurion deductible. It is strange what one can figure out when they have pretty much gave up.

I hope this tiny tidbit of knowledge helps others, in the same predicament.
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