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Re: Windows Phone 7 Frustrations

Originally Posted by rhogue View Post
Setting up multiple email accounts is no problem, but it will merge contacts and calendars. Although when you go to the calendar, you can go into settings and choose which calendars to display. When you go to settings on the inbox, you can also link multiple mailboxes so all messages are in a single place...or you can keep them split...your call.

I assume you have the mango update already, right? If not, load the update and you are done.
Yes I am running Mango; I held out on switching to Windows Phone 7 until Mango was available. However this does not solve my problem; for example if I create a new contact or calendar appointment at work (on my computer with Outlook) while it will show up on my phone, my phone will not then update the rest of the contact sources that are linked together.

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
@mizzourob sounds like the main independent variable in this situation is ur employer not allowing access to the exchange server outside of the office. if that was permitted ud be able to seamlessly sync all those contacts,calendars and emails. and yea I strongly recommend u install mango if u haven't already.
Even if I did have access to my cooperate exchange server from home (instead of via IMAP) I would still have to have some sort of syncronizations software in place to sync the calender and contacts between my local (home) outlook and my cooperate outlook.