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I got the phone a couple days ago been using it non stop to test it out so far its great.. Really love the battery life been able to go without charging for a day.. Screen size is crazy and combine with how skinny it is it feels like im holding a small tablet also it doesnt weigh anything. Super fast super bright colors. I havent had the need to install any custom rom or hacks since it runs so smooth and it comes with many options to customize out the box im still trying to learn all the little tricks.. The only thing I dont like is this crazy issue with the keyboard were on screen its always selecting the word I just typed but it doesnt highlight it just goes over it,also if I press on the screen near something I typed it will automatically highlight the neareat word and any key I press the highlighted word gets deleted...

Edit nevermind the whole keyboard issue i went into settings i changed the keyboard from swype to samsung keyboard and its way better and doesn't give me those issues i stated above and now i can really type faster using this keyboard i know swype is fast but i prefer to hit everykey than swype i guess just use to it ..
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