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Interupted during update, Now phone dead. Help!

Greetings and felicitations. While receiving an over the air update, My Droid X was dropped and the battery fell out because I had the back cover off. Now it does nothing. I can enter the bootloader mode but it says, "Battery Low Cannot Program." I can enter recovery mode, but I can not find a signed to reload the OS. What options do I have? Being able to enter bootloader 30.04 and recovery mode probably means that something can be done. I just really need a Droid X signed Is there a way to load the OS using the bootloader, even if it says Battery Low? The battery will not even charge, with the phone in this condition. Is there a way to trick the phone to charge the battery? Thank you in advance for the help. I entered this plea for help in another thread, but had no responses.
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