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Re: Your opinions on the Epic Touch 4G

i've had mine for a couple days now and absolutely love it. i did think i would miss my keyboard, but the truth is that find myself turning the phone to the side and typing and the feeling is satisfied. it's smoother and faster than any device i have had...absolutely no lag.

one of the things i hear iphone sheeople talk about is that there phone is good to go out the box with minimal to no mods. the same is true for the epic, i don't see a need to put a custom ROM on at this point...the phone just works! i did put zedomax's kernel on, but that is because i wanted root & CWM really, not because the phone is deficient.

i like the new tw 4.0, but i'm back to using Go Launcher EX as i just really dig the functionality, features, and ability to personalize it with various themes.

the micro usb port being on the bottom and also the fact that there is a sdcard hidden inside the phone are my only 2 gripes i can think of, and they are steadily becoming non-issues as i get used to the device (only been 2 days so far).

oh, i forgot i do have two other major gripes:

1) the phone didn't come with accessories like a car charger, hdmi adapter as shown in some vids (i actually bought mine already and it arrived the day i got my et4g), or a pair of high-quality stereo headsets (not that i don't have them laying around already).

2) No 4g in my area (metro-detroit/dearbon michigan). kinda sucks not to be able to really take advantage of the full range of data speed.
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