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HTC phone can not connect to another HTC phone??

has ht or android done something to make it impossible to "connect" one HTC phone to another.

I have an EVO. VERY nice gadget. I can't use it since I have a legacy account as a cell phone but it makes an amazing android tablet. LOVE the screen.

anyway I figure ok I will just tether it to my TP2 (android or WM6.5)

NO JOY. neither of my evo's will SEE either of my TP2 whether in android or in WM.

they see all the other networks. the two TP2's can see EACH OTHER when in windows mobile.

but NEITHER the android 2.3.3 evo's or the 2.2 froyo tp2 will see the other phones.

its almost as if they are ignoring each other on purpose.

SO I can't tether my evo to my tp2 because my evo REFUSE to acknowledge that the Tp2 is even their. it will NOT see its SSID.

I tried to tether while in ANDROID on the TP2 but the tether app does NOT WORK. it fails to load says "try again" every time.

yes wifi works in android I have used it several times no issues.

I ALSO notice that froyo 2.2 android TP2 "WILL NOT SEE" the WM tp2 while in android

but it will see it while in WM6.5

so what gives here? why can't android see my wm6.5 tether?

I swear its almost as if its programmed to NOT SEE it on purpose or something ???

all my other devices and laptops see the wifi connection just fine.
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