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Re: What stock Sprint roms are TP compatible?

Ok, thanks. I was hoping for a more detailed answer as most of the links on the ROM page are dead cause they point to the FTP site.

My problem is that the old "make sure your information is correct and that you have a signal" error started coming up 3 years after MS released a fix. Seriously just out of the blue in June. I had made no changes since Oct 2010 and then i couldnt send email using Sprints smtp server, but i could over wifi or when plugged into the computer during a sync. It gets fixed when installing the MR rom, but there are things i dont like about it, including it runs really hot on that rom, but really cool on the dead stock one.

I was able to find a stock rom ending in .3 (vs. .4 on the site) that is letting the MS fix at least work. I have to install a program or fix, then try and send mail after each one. Google Maps breaks it and a couple others so far. I dont know what the issue is, or why after 8+ months of working flawlessly it would decide to break. It leads me to believe Sprint did something to their side of things, cause in the past, the fix was to delete the email account and start over, but even that didnt work.

My only other alternative would be to dump Poutlook and use a 3rd party email client.
Its funny, at least 35 threads a day are people who tried to flash and messed up, or wonder why in the middle of the night their phone up and did a hard reset by 'itself'.
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