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palm centro, need help to reflash to sprint

Ok, I got a sprint palm centro that has been flashed to cricket. I contacted Sprint before I bought the phone to make sure I could use it. I told the person several times that it had been flashed to cricket they told me to get the DEC # and they could tell me if it could be activated.... well I did and they said it could... I bought the phone, and when I went to activate it and tried to make a call I get a message saying pocket communications not available (or something to that effect) so I get back on the sprint chat and spend about 3 hours trying to get it activated (telling the person atleast a couple of times that it had been flashed.) well they couldn't help me so I took it to the store... where I was told nothing could be done. they didn't even try I walked in and told the girl the situation and she said nothing could be done. then I got a responce from an email I had sent that suggested calling tech support... spent about 3 hours on that and yeah no help there either...

so my question is does anyone know how to flash a palm centro from cricket back to sprint and if so could you tell me how to do it? I had had a pixi, but it got lost, and I don't have the $100 deductable to replace it , and don't have a clue as to where it might have gonebest guess is my 4 year old took it out of the diaper bag to play angry birds and did something with it.