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Re: Mango Beta 2 Bug on HTC Trophy

Finally took the risk and updated to the beta after realizing that VZW will probably drag their feet releasing the update. Its not as complicated as people make it sound... I spent 85% of the time just staring at my cord making sure it didn't spontaneously combust for an hour or so last night.

I found this procedure to be the most straight forward and automated:

How to Update Any Windows Phone 7 To Mango Beta 2 (Video)

Watch the vid once but it is not neccessary to follow along with your install. Download all files and follow the directions in the readme.txt in the mangoforall archive. While you are downloading the zune software in step 4, begin the backup of your phone (do not update zune before you create your backup or you will get an error). Make a COPY of your backup (so you have two) and move it to a place where it will not get overwritten. After the backup is created, zune will fire up and look for an update (forever). Close the window, install the new version of zune that you just downloaded, then follow the directions in the zune program for the two updates.

Its simple, my phone it noticably faster, and the only "bug" that I have come across is the transparent wallpaper error. Hope this helped somebody.
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