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Re: Can you tether with the Trophy

Has anyone tried this? I am having troubles. I had no problem unlocking my phone and getting DFRouter on the phone. I downloaded an installed HTC Sync and I also downloaded the drivers just in case. I followed the directions to the letter, but I'm having problems with the drivers.

If you follow the pocketnow instructions, it says if you have installed HTC sync you can skip to step 10 which says "Connect device to PC, open HTC USB Modem and select Advance Label"

Where am I supposed to be finding this HTC modem?? I looked everywhere and can't find it. I looked under my devices and printers and I found HTC Diagnostic Interface (COM5). But no HTC Modem.

So I had no luck there so I thought I would try it the other way. I uninstalled HTC sync and the drivers that came with it. I plug in the device and select HTC modem, but it keeps says that HTC Diagonostic Interface in the Device Manager. I tried changing the driver to the USB modem that I downloaded, but it said that the driver was not for that.

So for now I am at a stand still and I'm really hoping to get this going soon so I can work when I am on vacation. Otherwise I'll have to reactivate my 6.5 phone and I really am not wanting to do that.

Has anyone else tried anything? Thanks for help in advance!

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