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Re: First time Android user (hardcore WM fan)

I have been using HTC phones for a while now. I just recently upgraded from the Sprint TP2 to the EVO 3D. I like the phone but I am not in love with it. There are some things I miss from my TP2. Mainly I am referring to the way things worked. I was a heavy Excel user on my TP2 I got the Polaris App on the Android and sent myself a file from my TP2 via bluetooth opened the file to see most of the fields were missing info. I am a heavy Voice Recorder user and I noticed although the voice recorder looks exactly the same as it does on the TP2 there is one thing missing. It doesn't allow you to pause while recording. I was always able to pause a recording and restart it where I left off. Not on on this phone I can't. The people widget has groups and one of the groups is VIP. I added the names I wanted to my VIP list then it asks for you to set the default action for this widget. I add the cell phone number I want for my VIPs and it seems as though it is set then if you leave that screen and come back the icon for the phone is gone and when you click on their picture, it asks you to once again set the default action for this widget. What gives? This VIP widget looks the same as it did on my TP2 the difference is it worked on my TP2 I set the number I want the phone to dial for that person and it worked never had to reset it again. With regards to text messaging, I noticed everytime I would go into a thread to see the conversation and come back out the phone would say Message Draft Saved. I didn't type anything so why is it saving it to draft? Now for all of these issues I have contacted HTC and really the answers I got have not helped. I still have some of them as outstanding to be resolved. What I discovered on my own was that when I add a signature to my text messages and you open the thread and come out it saves it to draft. The mere insertion of the signature makes the app think you are typing. That never happened on my TP2. Now I am not going back to my TP2 because it had so many glitches it was slow to respond to my commands it was beyond annoying. However, I want this brand new phone to exceed what my TP2 did and then some. There are some things that blow my TP2 out of the water, but in the most simple of things it doesn't. The speaker volume is atrocious. My corporate Blackberry is louder than this phone. I don't know why HTC phones are so low. This is not my first HTC to experience low volume. by now HTC should get a hint. Has anyone else experienced these issues with their 3D?
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