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Talking Re: First time Android user (hardcore WM fan)

Originally Posted by iceninja View Post
Well i actually recognize a lot of your usernames from the WM forums and yes I went through all the WM phones and liked them a lot. I even tried the Arrive and I will admit that Microsoft is on the right track but not there yet, instead of making a good OS they are trying to compete with Apple or be like them. One of the great things about WM was you could plug your phone in and transfer files. Now you have to go through the Zune app.

Android is on the right track. My EVO 3D is the fastest phone I've ever owned. With swype I no longer need a physical keyboard. As of right now HTC is at the top of phone makers they now set the standard. I don't look at the 3D as a gimmick but a smart marketing angle. 3D is the newest technology going right now so why not take advantage of it. You can only share your 3D photos with other 3D users so look at how many people have bought more then one. All in all I'm loving this phone and until they give me a reason I will stay with HTC for all my future phones.

I agree with "Microsoft is on the right track but not there yet" I also like TF3D on older WM htc devices. The whole 3D is not bad at all you..its like you have that really cool feature in you car but you are not going to use it everyday. its fast yes! I have not restart the phone and its been a week.
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