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My suggestion is to start googling & reading. I doubt ne1 is just going to teach u 1) for free 2) without u putting efforts torward learning on ur own first. I know I've been reading, trying & learning for about 2 yrs. or so and no1 has said hey I feel like telling u all the info I have spent alot of time learning & I'm goin 2 tell u all that 4 FREE. YEA WON'T HAPPEN. So what alot of peps do when they get stuck on a custy's phone & having an issue they usually do a search 2 see if there's an answer or solution 2 the issue they r having a problem with or stuck on.
Then if I find answers I try whatever info I found & if I'm still stuck or stumped I then ask for help. I do believe that's how most every1 does this.

Now don't get that confused with people helping u after u have done some reading & learning & tring on ur own first.
HOPE THIS HELPS!!! im not trying 2 b a d*ck that's just how I myself have seen this community work. People don't want to BABYSIT or hold ur hand cause if sum1 does that 1 time then every1 will want that treatment. Every1 already wants everything 4 FREE.

Or you can pay sum1 to do it for u. U have to pay to get ur ESN/MEID ADDED N2 Metro's database no matter what route u take. Not sure if u know that its a very important peice of info I think

Oh and when ur asking a question about sumthing give us some info on what MAKE, MODEL, OS (as n 2.2, 2.2.3,2.3 etc) & a lil bit bout what u have tried and what/where ur stuck at/on.
This info is for any forum

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