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Re: Evolve III

Finally, a response, lol. I really don't mind having to reboot, especially if meeGo can be booted easily. It kind of reminds me of my touchsmart PC. Windows 7 is my standard operating system but I can easily switch to the touchsmart software which is way more slick and media touch friendly.

I also made a mistake by assuming that Evolve III was the tablet name when it really instead is the company name. It appears the specific tablet I was refering to was the Maestro C. It appears Evolve III has at least 2 different tablets coming out along with an all in 1 desktop.

There are still a couple major questions left to be answered.

1. What type of Screen/resolution? I don't care how slick a tablet is, if the screen is of poor quality than that's a deal killer
2. Which Version of Android? Hopefully HoneyComb.
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