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Re: ROM flashers; need a question answered..

Originally Posted by tube517 View Post
There's nothing wrong with the 2.2 Roms. Some are very stable.

To the OP: Sounds like you had a bad install at the first time you flashed the ROM. Did you do a complete wipe before?
Yes I did wipe everything however I tried a few 2.3 ROMs prior and didn't like them as much.. I'm thinking perhaps something was left or didn't agree.. Anyway after that last flash and wipe it seems fine and dandy.

I am using clockwork mod, haven't seen anyone with problems with it and I like it just fine..

As for 2.3 v/s 2.2, truthfully I don't do sense so all ROMs I d/l are non-sense. I find little to no difference between the 2.2 to 2.3 non-sense ROMs. 2.2's seem to behave better, I know before long 2.3s will be all worked out and I'll move up. That is the beauty of custom ROMs!!!
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