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ROM flashers; need a question answered..

I've had my EVO for about a week now, rooted and running a nice 2.2 ROM. All has been well for several days then last night it started acting sluggishly so I powered down and back on, then it was really buggy. Would not read SD card, f/c lots of sys files ect. So I pulled batt and restarted in recovery. It did nothing! White EVO screen is all that would come up... So I pulled battery again and ran a Nandroid restore, same thing white screen!
I finally rebooted into recovery and reflashed my ROM again from sd and it finally came back on... Nandroid restore and I'm back to normal... What in the world would cause this?? I didn't do anything to it other than maybe installing an app or two from market, I don't think anything could freeze the entire system even through resets though??? Thoughts on how to prevent this from hapening again? I didn't like that at all!
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