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Re: Galaxy S 2!!!

@Anon9mouz Rumor is that Sprint will be getting it and calling the Samsung Galaxy S Within... rumored release date is last week of July or Early August (they say 3rd quarter of 2011)

@Scoob from what I understand, sprint is getting a Epic 2... so I doubt they will put a slide out kb on GS2 aka sprint within. I for one would like to see it look exactly like the one that came out in europe (maybe with the addition of a search button)

I am really excited about this phone. I have an evo right now and have been just a little jealous of my girlfriends epic. Her camera is better than mine, her screen is brighter and has better color... she seems to have less issues with it than I have with my evo. Two nights ago, I called sprint and had them send me a return envelope so I could return my evo3d and had them turn my evo4g back on. The evo3d was nice but there were just too many things i didnt like about. Now the waiting game is back on waiting for this bad boy to come out!

@gTen when you saw the GS2 in person did you actually mess with it or just see it? I ask because I have questions that for some reason no body ever covers in their youtube reviews.

Questions like... is the speakerphone loud and clear? Are the buttons on the bottom nice and sensitive or do they not work half the time like on the epic. Does the camera take a picture right away or does it take a few seconds to actually snap? Does the front facing camera allow video like the evo or not because the epic does not and thats not cool.

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