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Re: HTC Touch Pro + 2011 + Insurance

I just found out today, totally by accident, they (Asurion) are still sending out TP1s.

My wife was having problems with her phone (not a Touch Pro), took it to the service center twice and wasn't satisfied. She called Sprint and they said they'd send her a replacement. That was on June 7th. When the new phone didn't arrive I told her that the new policy is to only replace for loss or damage, all other replacements are through the service center. She didn't like that a called them again over this past weekend. I got home today to find TWO boxes on the porch. They got their wires crossed and sent me a Touch Pro AND sent her the replacement for her phone.

I was just going to send the Touch Pro back. After a year of tweaking mine I finally got it perfect and there's nothing wrong with it. However, being the curious type, I put a battery in the new Touch Pro and turned it on. It ran through the initial set up and then it activated. So I guess I'll start learning how to restore my old phone and go ahead and send it back. I hope they don't try and charge me the deductible. I really don't want to pay $100 for a Touch Pro. I wish I hadn't messed with the new one.

Edit: I just called customer service and they said there were no changes on my account for deductibles! Of course, I'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see my newest bill to know for sure.
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